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tarted in 1920 in Cantù, Italy, as a small artisanal family business. In the late 1970s, it turned to custom-made furniture. An artisanal process of improving natural wood began through the use of all-natural waxes and oils, a distinctive feature of Riva 1920. The first production unit was opened in 1987, the 2nd in 2005 and the construction of the Riva Centre was completed in 2010.  A showroom of about 1,200 square metres on the ground floor and the Wood Museum on the first floor.
A third production unit specialising in cedar processing was opened in 2013. In its 100-year history, Riva 1920 has become a household name in all things wood.  Not for nothing is the slogan: The new luxury is living in a sustainable and écological space.


Kromstraat 126, B-2520 Ranst

+32 470 560 450

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